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AS a coach I am dedicated to continuous learning and growth so that I can support my own life as well as the lives of my clients. I present workshops on a regular basis and work one on one with clients around Australia and the world. It became very apparent early on that in order to follow my purpose and have a fulfilling career I would need to make sure I regularly checked in with myself and had my own personal clearing and coaching.

It was decided fairly quickly that I would benefit from doing a session with Bernie on a regular basis. For those of us that are constantly around people it’s a must so that we can be clear and present for our clients and their needs

As a result of doing this work I have taken on the challenge of first managing a small team and now a national team. This is phenomenal when comparing the manager I am now to the people pleaser of 4 years ago who would never speak her truth for fear of hurting others all the while the reality was that i was bullying others with my kindness. Which ironically had a far more negative impact.

This work has also helped me to heal deep grief from a childhood of being bullied and a family who didn’t know how to love or even understand the person I am.  The deepest level of freedom has come from sessions that Bernie has worked on old indoctrination and ideas that were not allowing me to have an authentic relationship with universal love, myself or others.

Through this work there is a permanent change on a cellular level. After every session Bernie says take it easy and watch the magic unfold. I’ve never been good at taking it easy and yet through this journey with Bernie I have learnt that the best results come from being in flow and not forcing an outcome or an idea.

It is with infinite gratitude that I thank the day that Bernie and I crossed paths. With her expertise and her kindness I have grown to become a person I am proud of who can own her gifts.

L.A. ~ A Life Coach Testimonial

I first met Bernie when I was struggling with so many emotions. I was like the can of coke that was shaken and ready to explode.

I seemed to be a magnet for suffering and pain. I had already tried many ways of changing my life and nothing was working fast enough or had lasting effects.

She met me at the door to my house like a ray of sunshine, full of light, warmth and love. Immediately I felt safe and supported. As well as being very intuitive (I can’t hide anything from her, a trait that I love and hate at the same time- mostly love!) her compassion and her gentle manner compliment her powerful wisdom.

The unique process that Bernie uses is so profound and worked so quickly for me. I have tried many different methods of healing and I am a life-coach myself.

I was finally able to let go of old repeating patterns and change my limiting beliefs. Not only did Bernie’s process work quickly but the results have been permanent.

I finally felt safe enough within myself to speak out and my life has changed dramatically because of this wonderful woman. I am following my dreams and ticking off things on my bucket list!

I recommend her so very highly. If you are struggling, stuck or holding yourself back and you are ready for your life to transform in a powerful way, call Bernie.

Safeera Sabdia

The work that I have done together with Bernie Giggins has helped me immensely. I find it hard to put into words how you do what you do but here goes….

When we do soul clearings I feel I’m at war with my mind. Every session we do together seems to get easier to be able to enter into the space that is the soul. I feel supported and guided by Bernie’s work and I find answers to questions I wasn’t even asking.

I always feel more connected to myself and my source each time we finish a session. Inner child work allows me to connect to my past, present and future and empowers me to clear old beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve me positively.

I am so thankful for the progress I have made through the inner child/soul healing work we have accomplished together.

Bernie is able to tap into another space that I can’t access own my own, as yet. Bernie is a true leader and inspiration and am very grateful to have her in my life.

Amanda Mutton

Bernie is a great teacher and practitioner who has the knowledge and skills to make Soul Coaching an ongoing journey for anyone who does her course.

Since doing her 28 day Soul Coaching course I have felt more in the flow of my spiritual journey on this Earth. She has enabled me to grow as a person in all areas of my life. She has taught me to be in harmony with my home & community so I’m in the right place and in control of my future.

I can recommend her Soul Coaching courses to anyone who wishes to be able to take care of themselves.

Still can’t believe I choose orange!! That’s what soul knowledge does!! Thank you.   Love & Laughter, Lenor


I’m doing pretty good after our session, I’ve a lot to do before vacation and I feel like my energy is up, more than before, so I’m pretty organized.

I found the picture of my younger self, that flashed in my mind in our session, the one in my tight little dress at 4 years old.. I think I look adorable I have it sitting in my room, so I can tell her loving things!

I’ve realized I have an unhealthy relationship with food, labeling some bad and then feeling guilty about eating it if I’m trying to slim down. I can look at my naked self in the mirror and be happy, never have done that in a very long time.

I have a bit of anxiety this morning and no able to talk to my ego self about not telling me scary stories…..

I guess also I have pulled away from my husband over the past months, realising the control he had over me and ‘he’s told me he’s not feeling the love. … I used to get into fear and start pouring on the attention to him, but I’m just letting it be…. I have a lot of things being released and changing, it gets confusing at times but allowing it all with peace.

Thank you for our sessions so far, I know it a little further to go,  looking forward to more freedom than before.

Jodie B

Thanks to you Bernie, for your skill and passion in working with me and my subconscious to heal the wounded inner child to help me live to my full potential.

You are an experienced and skilled practitioner using this extremely helpful and powerful modality.

Cathy Newman

In the time I’ve known my dear friend Bernie I have not only watched her business grow I’ve watched her confidence and love of herself grow as well. Bernie is not just someone I admire, she is someone I truly trust. She truly believes in herself and how important self-worth and value for yourself first, really is.

Desley Keidel

I don’t really know how to put into words the work that Bernie does because she uses so many different learnings & techniques based on what her clients need. But I do know the changes it’s made to my life & views. Bernie helped to unlock an old wound that I’d pushed down so far that I’d forgotten the full story of what had happened at that time but it was impacting so much on me moving on & freeing myself from the pain caused by it. I’ve been able to look at the situation from a different perspective now & release all pain & step back into my power. After a session with Bernie I instantly felt a release & lifting of the heavy burden I’d believed I had to live for with for so long. We each have different old beliefs, life situations, relationships & burdens we carry that Bernie can help to transmute. Bernie is very understanding, non-judgemental & has been doing her work a long time now & I can certainly notice a massive difference in the fine tuning & power of her sessions every time I have 1 with her. For anyone who is in pain, a bad relationship, a bad place in their life, suffering from a disease or lack of guidance in life would really benefit from a session with Bernie.

Leanne Hedges

Just wanting to share my excitement with you. I’m in Melbourne, my own workshop is tomorrow and its booked out at 20 people.  Yipee yay! Then all my private sessions x 6 so far are also booked out? Pinching myself now, hi five! For ME! Thank you for clearing the blocks to my success, like you said now it is flowing and I am recieiving.

Anna B

Had been experiencing between 3-4 hours sleep a night for weeks, my mind just wouldn’t stop and couldn’t find any resolution. Rang Bernie and after our session am sleeping beautifully again..I wasn’t listening to my body/inner child! Had also had a session with Bernie weeks before and cleared childhood traumas. This beautiful lady has such an awesome gift and a real “Erin Brockovich” talented detective for the hidden inner child.

Robyn Gartrell

Good morning beautiful Bernie, slept from 10 – 7.30am yay, got woken by my phone and was amazed at the time. Can’t take the smile off my face, just sent my life coach a text thanking her for putting me in touch with you and now I’m crying tears of joy. Thankyou, Thankyou from the bottom of my heart I didn’t realise the huge rock I’ve been carrying around. I feel so happy, so light with so much pressure taken off. Had an astrological reading earlier this year and was told that on Thurs 7/07/16 was going to be very lucky and it will change my life. Think it came a bit earlier!  A friend who had no time for me, the next a day called and chatted with me and interacted like I haven’t felt in a long time.  I felt I was heard and valued for the first time in a long time.  I had a sore hip for a few weeks and now after the session, no pain and can enjoy my gardening so much.

“And you don’t have to do anything, just receive & accept all the abundance & opportunities waiting for you to clear this spell, coma that you have been under. You have permission to now finally be the real you, step up & receive!”

Robyn Gartrell

My husband got the job during our session yahoo, that cleared things up didn’t it after clearing my belief blocks!! Sleeping so soundly & at peace within myself I haven’t been for years. Thank you.

Jodie Chase

Bernie is a talented healing practitioner who incorporates a number of effective modalities to help people empower themselves from past hurts and traumas.  She has gone from being bullied as a child and then as an adult and thrived, which has given her the experience she needs to do her amazing work with her clients. I recommend her to anyone who needs clearing old negative patterning.

Pauline Black

After our session an organiser coach came in and said what you had said, implemented more systems according to what was cleared in our session, feeling very comfortable in the future.

New relationship with mother & brother had opened up, conversations flowed, I spoke my truth with confidence this time, I held the space and they listened.  It allowed then to then think about their memories in the past and also let go where they needed to.  I wasn’t caught in the emotional attachment or web as I normally am, feels so free and different.  Able to apply for jobs that I didn’t or couldn’t do before, with a different outlook on the applications.  I feel at long last at peace after uncovering the memory from 19 years ago, feeling optimistic, inspired and motivated for my future.

Name Withheld by Request

I’m writing a few words to share my ‘awakening’ journey with Bernie Giggins. 

Quite frankly I didn’t know what ‘Inner Child Harmony’ was. I had been searching for relief of tinnitus and was given Bernie Giggins name and number from a co-worker. Bernie’s warm, positive introduction put me at ease as we chatted for almost an hour. I knew I had blockages and layers of emotional heaviness but didn’t know how to deal with it all.

This, was the beginning of my healing. It was pretty intense over the next 3 months, with Bernie’s guidance I had to dig deep and deal with all sorts of emotions, feelings, memories, situations and sort them out as they surfaced. Sometimes I felt confused, sometimes lighter, sometimes very tired after each session but I noticed with time, my confidence improved, my guilt gone, I stood stronger, my energy was back, let go of stress and learnt how to just let go,to stop trying to save the world….and last but not least.. I was more aware of me. So much healing had taken place. There will always be hurdles but I look at it all through different eyes now and know it’s going to be ok. 

There was so much more to our sessions but I just wanted to share how I’m feeling now and how Bernie’s guidance has improved my life, my happiness and a future I’m looking forward to embracing. And it doesn’t stop there…..all sorts of doors have opened up…..physical and health well being…..daily connections through email, phone and facebook are still there if I want.  Any questions can be asked at any time. 

Thank you Bernie.  Big hugs, Miria Martin 

Miria Martin