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Dear Kindred Spirit,

I am so glad you are here.

I believe that using the beautiful Soul Coaching ® approach to be able to clear my own lifetime of personal blockages, anguish and trauma, and using my learned wisdom and knowledge gained, is what makes me now able to design ideal sessions to suit your unique needs.

Working through these sessions with me will give you access to your inner peace and happiness, so that you can experience:

‘Live like it is heaven on earth’!

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Core Belief Clearing

Feeling blocked, limited, pot bound, stuck in repeating patterns, habits or behaviours, addictions, health problems? Can all be due to a negative Core belief locked in the sub conscious mind.

Past/Inner Child Soul Journey Process for Emotional Release

What have you never told anyone before about your past? Fears, mistakes, trauma, regrets, vows and/ or abuse suffered? What problems, patterns, habits, limitations are repeating in your adult life? How do you talk, think, and treat your Self? With my experience, I have found this is directly related to what you are receiving in life, good or bad it just is. The best part is you get to change it, the way you want it to flow, it’s all about you creating an abundant life by clearing the past memories locked away in your sub-conscious dungeon.

Imagine having a 2nd chance to live your life in freedom and happiness to be without judgement, criticism or regret? When YOU are sick and tired of talking and fearing the past negative experiences, beliefs and memories, then try a Past/Inner Child Soul Journey!

Past Life Regression

Life has some unusual habits or traits you are not sure of, curses, spells? Possibly from a Past Life, contact me for an assessment to help you.

Reiki, Crystals, Spiritual Energy Healing & Balancing

Gentle universal energy healing bringing your body, life and chakras back to balance, relaxation & recharge.

Land & House Energy Clearing

Energy stagnant? Blocked? Cursed, Poltergeist? Can’t sell, problems with relationships within the house?

Young Living Oils – Independent Distributor

Demonstrations of Chemical & Toxic Free essential oils for Adults, Children, Pets & Environment. Let me show you how the Essential Oils can help you!