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Returning You to…

Inner Peace ~ Freedom ~ Joy ~ Happiness ~ Abundance

Soul Coaching
Inner Child Coaching
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Releasing You From…

Past Trauma  |  Guilt  |  Shame  |  Secrets  |  Old Outdated Negative Beliefs  |  All types of Abuse  |  Grief  |  Health Problems & Pain  |  Repeating Negative Habits, Behaviours & Patterns controlling your Life

“Thank you so much Bernie, you are a fantastic person, you are the only one who knows what I have been through and you never once gave up on me. Thank you for all the Soul Coaching you have given me, I am extremely grateful for you in my life.” 

~ Cathy

Move from where you are…to heal your inner child…to Really LIVE

“I don’t know what you did or how you did it but no one has ever got that memory of me at 5years of age out and healed, I have been going to psychiatrist, counselors and therapists for 16 years, thank you. I feel such inner calm and motivated back into my life, I didn’t need to have tablets for my joint pain, first time in a long time. Thank you.”

~ Terry

Inner Child Coaching Is for:

Depression & Anxiety

If you’re finding how you are feeling is getting in the way of your everyday life,  seeking help from the right person is essential for you.

Relationship Problems

Relationship counselling may help you open yourself up to stronger, healthier and happier relationships now, and for the future.

Anger Management

Working through your anger, understanding its triggers and respecting and comforting your own inner child helps you manage it.

“Bernie is such a gem; I feel I waited for her for years to come to heal my soul as I knew someone could help me. I have been feeling like I have been holding onto a disgusting dirty secret, being sexually molested as a child by a family friend and not able to get it out of my mind has ruled my life until that session with Bernie. I was so afraid and didn’t want to turn up to the session, but faced my fear and it was the best thing I ever did for myself and family. Bernie made me feel safe and protected which gave me courage and confidence as she guided me to speak my truth and express all the emotions that have been suppressed for so many years. I have slept so soundly since the session, the relief I feel is fantastic and all without speaking physically face to face with the perpetrator. I feel great inside and out now, so much emotion has been lifted off me and allowed me to live my life again, my family and friends can all see the difference in me as well. Thank you Bernie.”

~ Michelle

Your Coach for the Inner Child

Bernie Giggins

Bernie Giggins

Inner Child Coach

Hi, I’m Bernie Giggins of Inner Child Coaching.

Seeking Spiritual Justice and Soul Truth…

Coaching you to release the negative beliefs and blocks from your past, that are causing lack, limitation and loss in your current life.

Helping you receive inner peace, freedom, lost abundance and a new life direction.

To Thine Own Self Be True

Your Soul Truth WILL Set You Free!

What Clients Have to Say About Bernie

~Maxine Dilkes - Video Testimonial

~Name Withheld by Request - Video Testimonial


~ Sondre - Video Testimonial

~Craig Maloney - Video Testimonial

Inner Child Healing is a fundamental step in changing your future direction. Your childhood limiting beliefs are creating your current reality until you do the inner work and change the definition you had locked yourself into, back in the history of you.

~Mandy - Video Testimonial

~Kyle - Video Testimonial

~ Dee - Video Testimonial

“I arrived at Bernie’s office on my last legs physically and emotionally, utterly depleted after years of trying to heal from trauma. I hoped against hope that she would be able to help me, and that hope was rewarded far beyond what I could have imagined.

With gentleness and truth she helped me revisit damaging moments and people from my past, giving me a voice to speak my truth to them, helping me visualize my own little army of helpers so I wouldn’t feel alone in facing those who had harmed me.

She provided a safe place for my body to react to those moments until all the pain was gone and I was left exhausted but at peace. The week after my first session I was astounded to discover that not only could I barely remember the events that had crippled me for decades, even when I thought on them, they had no power over me. In the past those memories had brought about vomiting, nightmares, full blown panic attacks, etc, but not anymore. They had been relegated to the past where they belong, no longer haunting me.

Bernie also helped me connect with my true self, my inner child, my spirit, my soul, whatever you want to call it. The trauma from my past had fragmented me, disconnecting me emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally. As we worked through one trauma after another, those broken, terrified parts of me were healed and restored. It was like a reunion and I have felt more and more whole, less and less alone.

It’s only been six months, but the growth and healing I’ve seen and experienced make me smile and cry with gratitude. I’m finding my voice, learning to stand up for myself, sleeping through the night, able to connect with others in a healthy, loving, and strong way. I see myself as an equal now, not a slave or servant or victim. I am more and more comfy in my own skin, able to close toxic relationships and thrive in healthy ones.

After 40 years of traumatic events, I know my healing journey will take time, but I no longer fear that journey because I know that healing, peace, and contentment are on the other side of each session. That gives me courage.” 


~ Krista

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