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Crystal Healing for Wellbeing

Crystal Healing BrisbaneFor thousands of years, humans have used crystals and stones in the promotion of positive energy and healing. Today, practitioners are utilising these crystals to facilitate and restore balance and wellbeing. Bernie Giggins is a certified practitioner who is passionate about working with and facilitating the healing process for her clients.

What is crystal healing and energy?

Crystal healing is the use of crystals or stones in the promotion of physical, mental or emotional healing. This style of healing works due to the high levels of vibrational energy in these crystals. These vibrations then work with our own natural energy flow to restore and stimulate healing.  Doing this can rejuvenate and rebalance our mind, body and soul.

Although the general ideas behind crystal healing are the same, different crystals can be used for different purposes. Bernie can work with you and the particular areas you would like to heal.  She will create a session that will encourage healing and clarity that is specific to you.

How does crystal healing work?

Humans are made up of a number of different minerals and elements. One of these minerals is silicon dioxide, which is the same mineral that is found in quartz. This means that humans are receptive to the vibrations that are emitted from these crystals. When the stones or crystals are placed on our body, the vibrations work with our natural energy flow.  This synergy can encourage healing and rejuvenation. It can also assist with changing the direction of your energy towards a more positive flow.

What can crystal healing provide for me?

There are a number of potential outcomes that can happen when you undertake a crystal healing session. The outcome is generally based on which areas you are focusing on and what you wish to gain from your session. Crystal healing can be used to remove harmful emotional or mental blockages that may occur in the body. These blockages can be stubborn, which will often cause the individual to experience an overall feeling of discomfort or distress. Crystal healing can also be used to assist with past traumatic events.  Crystal healing can also assist with ongoing negative experiences, such as depression, anxiety or insomnia.

It can also be used to simply promote clear thinking and improve decision making and problem solving.  This leaves the client with an overall sense of self and wellbeing. Therefore, crystal healing is suitable for anyone who wishes to rid him or herself of negative energy and clear their mind.

Crystal healing will leave you with a sense of relaxation, calm or a renewed sense of balance in your body. If these points interest you, crystal healing is non-invasive and is a safe way to achieve these outcomes.

How is crystal healing performed?

There is a diverse selection of stones that are used during the crystal healing sessions. Generally crystal types are selected that correspond with the type of healing being undertaken. During the treatment, the crystals will work with the energy of the client. Many clients report a sense of wellbeing or clarity during or after the treatment.

During the treatment with Bernie, you will be asked to lie down on a handmade crystal bed.  This beautiful crystal bed has been carefully made from Australian ironbark. This handmade bed is designed to be comfortable for any body shape. You will be surrounded by a unique and person-specific selection of healing crystals that support and nurture positive energy.

Crystal Healing

As well as promoting positive energy, these crystals aim to rid the individual of negative energies that may be present.  These negative energies will be replaced with love, acceptance and support. During the sessions with Bernie, you will be able to relax, unwind and de-stress. By doing so, you are reconnecting with your inner self.  You will be really allowing yourself to listen to what your body is guiding you towards. Bernie will assist and guide you to listen to these messages that you are receiving from your body and will send healing when and where it is needed.

There are a number of different sessions you can undertake with Bernie, such as crystal healing, health healing or soul recharge. Each session provides something unique and fosters healing within the individual.

Is Crystal healing for you?

There are a number of reasons for why crystal healing might be for you, such as increasing your inner vibrations and providing emotional, physical and mental healing.

If you’re ready to quieten your mind, get in touch with your inner vibration and listen to your body; crystal healing is for you. Bernie is a trained professional.  She has worked with a diverse range of clients who have all required different styles of healing. She will guide you through the process in a safe and calm environment. Take the next step and contact Bernie for an appointment.

If you are interested in crystal healing, but do not want to partake in the private sessions, Bernie has crystals that you can buy and use in your own time. Talk to Bernie if you are interested in owning some of these crystals.  Bernie will happily assist you in finding the right ones to suit your needs. She will help you take the first steps to towards a more balanced vibration that is in tune with your inner self.