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Relationship Problems

Relationship CounsellingRelationships are a natural and fundamental part of the human existence.  They can provide us with lots of joy. We naturally seek out relationships with others and commit to them throughout our entire life. The strength and the health of these relationships can have a significant effect on our own happiness and wellbeing.  Therefore, it’s important that we take care of them. If you are experiencing relationship problems such as an increase in arguments, unresolved issues and thoughts or opinions that are hard to move past, relationship counselling may help you considerably.

The power of our early experiences and how they shape our relationships

We are at our most vulnerable to experiences and emotions within the first seven years of our lives. This period of time is the most crucial in shaping our memories and growth and has the ability to powerfully shape the way our inner child sees the world. Our inner child is the part of us that is innocent, impulsive, creative, free and trusting. The inner child plays a large part in the relationships that we hold with others. Is your inner child holding onto pain or confusion from the past?  If so, it is likely manifesting in other ways that can cause issues within relationships.

The relationships we build with our parents, family and friends during this crucial time will lock into our cellular memories. Cellular memories are the memories that we develop early on that tend to stay with us throughout our lives.  This is unless they are healed from within.

Any negative cellular memories that we hold onto will often result in repeated negative behavioural patterns or behaviours. These unresolved reoccurring negative patterns could make it hard to move forward with new relationships, or weaken old ones. There are many situations that can occur early in life that contribute to these negative cellular memories.

Early childhood memories

Early memories associated with home or family life are often a strong contributor to these memories that we hold onto. These are often the hardest to let go and will often need to most exploration and healing. Some people may not have grown up in a loving home with parents that cared for them.  An early environment like this can lead to lack of fulfilment or recognition. Others may have grown up with siblings that they did not connect with and who they fought constantly with.

Although family is often the cause of our early negative relationship experiences, there are other early relationships that negative memories can be built from, such as early schoolyard bullying. It could be losing sight of a parent in a shopping centre or crowd, which has lasting effects on the person and their future perception of life.  The body never lies and holds onto these traumatic events until you release them.  But the problem is, you need to find them amongst the buried sub-conscious memories. These early memories and beliefs that we form can have serious consequences for future relationships. What you are experiencing on the outside from other people is a direct reflection of what is stored internally within your sub-conscious mind.

Effects on current lives

These learned beliefs around relationships could have different effects on current relationships. They might limit the person’s ability to trust their partners, leading to resentment and frustration for both parties. They may also cause the individual to constantly seek out validation from others, which can lead to break ups or divorce.

Behaviours and patterns that may arise from these negative memories caused by early relationships can be detrimental to new relationships if the memories are not healed and dealt with. By undergoing relationship counselling, you are healing that part of you that acts as a barrier, and opens you up to healthier, stronger and happier relationships, both now and in the future.

What is relationship counselling?

Sometimes it’s easy for us to get stuck in negative patterns in our relationships. These patterns might be as simple as

  • raising your voice too frequently with your partner,
  • not respecting their space,
  • hurting them with words or
  • being withdrawn or ‘lazy’.

These patterns may be related to self-loathing, frustration, anger, insecurity or resentment that manifests into relationship problems.

Are you finding that arguments go on for too long and sometimes go unresolved altogether? If you feel like that relates to you, relationship counselling may be useful for you to overcome these negative patterns. Relationship counselling with Bernie Giggins isn’t a behavioural change. Bernie looks at the root of the issues and heals them from within. By doing so, you may find that all those negative feelings you were holding onto drift away because the root of the problem has been addressed.

It may be that relationship counselling helps you remove negative connotations with early experiences.  Relationship counselling may help you find more productive ways of dealing with the relationship problems that you are having. You and your partner can work together on your issues and find ways to rebuild and establish compromises together. You will look at your own individual cellular memories and find a way to overcome them as a couple.

Parents and Children

Bernie also sees adults and their children because many times that relationship has been strained and needs to change.  When adults do not clear their core memory beliefs from the past, it is then handed down through the generations.  Consequently, many parents live their forgotten lives through their children, which is not healthy. Sometimes believing, consciously or un-consciously that they can’t change their past, working with Bernie, she shows you that you can and have an amazing life, one that you thought not possible.  Sibling relationships and newly fomed couples (after a previous divorce/breakup) will also benefit tremendously from relationship counselling sessions.

Are you ready to heal your relationship from within?

If you’re ready to go deeper into your unresolved issues that may be creating difficulties within your relationships, Bernie is here to guide you every step of the way. She will help you gain a deeper understanding of the unresolved issues that may have occurred early in your life and heal them in a non-judgemental, safe and supportive environment.

By working through the inner workings of your childhood, re-occurring behaviours and working closely with your inner child, you are guided into letting go of the pain, resentment and confusion you may be holding. By doing so, you are opening yourself up to stronger, healthier and happier relationships now, and for the future.

You also show your children and others in relationships around you there is another holistic, loving way to really live life to the full.

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