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Anger Management

Anger Management BrisbaneAs humans we are all susceptible to deep emotions that manifest in different ways. One of the emotions that most people are familiar with from time to time is anger. Anger is often referred to as a “negative” emotion as it can be associated with negative behaviours.   Outbursts towards others or destructive behaviour are just a couple of typical negative behaviours. If you have difficulty dealing with your anger in productive ways and wish to explore these emotions deeper, you may want to consider learning anger management with Bernie Giggins or explore online anger management courses with her via Skype.

 What is Anger and How Does it Manifest Itself?

Anger is a feeling of distress that often manifests itself in powerful ways.  When something distressing occurs in a person’s life that results in anger, their body reacts in a “fight” or “flight” response. They want to either deal with the problem head on, or run to the hills. Anger can lead to acting out in response to the feelings anger in ways such as:

  • seething,
  • yelling,
  • screaming,
  • stomping or
  • passive-aggressive assertions or
  • fighting verbally/physically with another.

You are your own best judge of character and you will probably know if you need healing in this area.

Consequences of Anger

These reactions or behaviours can relieve our pain momentarily, or even feel cathartic in the moment.  Unfortunately the damage caused can often be severe. There is a possibility that there can be lasting effects on our relationships.  It’s possible to even cause long lasting emotional or physical pain, due to the angry outburst.

It’s important to keep in mind that these feelings of anger and the consequent reactions might be driven by fear and confusion resulting from our inner child. We all have an inner child within us that is sensitive and trusting. Our inner child is the part of us that holds onto past experiences that have hurt us, or made us angry.

When we are in distress, we often imagine the scenario and as being out of our control.  This can lead to feelings of resentment, anxiety and fear. Sometimes these feelings are well founded; other times it’s simply our imagination running wild. It’s important to remember however, even if these emotions are founded, we can still learn to react in healthy ways. If you feel as though you deal with anger and frustration in ways that are not productive to your wellbeing, anger management courses may be the thing you need to support and heal your inner child that is still holding onto anger and resentment.

 How can Anger Management with Bernie Giggins Help?

Anger and frustration can stem from a number of situations that occur throughout our lives.  Unfortunately, no one is immune to it. Anger is a natural human emotion but is often seen as a negative emotion because of the way we express these feelings – or not express them – which is even more detrimental to our health. It’s how we deal with these emotions that determine whether we are proactive and productive when faced with them. Often when we are angry, we will lash out at those we love using passive-aggressive or physical behaviours and by doing so we are damaging our relationships.

“Sticking Plaster” Approaches to Anger Management

Many anger management courses throughout the world focus on the behaviours that occur in response to these emotions. Many therapists or counsellors apply cognitive behavioural therapy or simply focus on the outward reactions. This may be effective in the short term, but it is concerning that throughout an individual’s life they will likely be faced with many more situations that trigger this response to anger. Unless the anger is treated from within, it will likely resurface at a later time, often at difficult times. It’s like applying a sticking plaster to an open wound.  The sticking plaster will help in the short term, but ultimately it alone cannot heal the damage.

Although there are ways to alter the way we react to anger by using behavioural techniques, Bernie believes in a gentler, more inclusive approach that works with your inner child.

Anger Triggers

Often anger is caused by triggers, which can set off a chain of emotions and reactions. These triggers can be traced back to our inner child that has experienced anger and pain in the past by not speaking our truth. Therefore, if you truly want to work through your anger and its triggers, Bernie will help guide you and explore your own inner child and heal those past experiences that have caused you hurt or anger. When done in a safe and supportive environment, Bernie’s anger management courses can be used to stop this negative reaction in its tracks.  Approached this way, it will help you understand how and why these triggers occur.

Dealing With Underlying Issues

By working through your anger from within, you are dealing with the issues that are actually causing the negative emotions by facing them head on. You are working through your anger, understanding its triggers and respecting and comforting your own inner child. No one else truly knows what happened to you in the past, only you.   Most times you have forgotten this, and it’s buried in your sub- conscious – or many times – in your un-conscious mind. Your body never forgets.

“You Must Be Out Of Your Mind”

The saying “you must be out of your mind” comes from doing things automatically that you know consciously you shouldn’t be doing.

For example:

  • You attract the same type of partner and enter a new relationship, knowing that this relationship is completely different to others.  But you soon find out it turns back to the same story repeated over.
  • Violence, bullying, submissive?  When we trace back into your past, you can see where it all began and who the person in your current life reminds you of.

As soon as you clear the Core memory belief and re-parent your younger Self, you don’t attract “the same” any more.  It is cleared at the Soul and Cellular level and nothing is more permanent than this process.

How do Anger Management Courses Work?

Anger management courses are not just for those who lash out and outwardly express their anger. They can benefit those who simply want to have a further understanding of their emotions, where they come from and find better ways to deal with them when they occur.  Anyone with passive-aggressive and people-pleasing behaviours can identify the original Core Memory Belief and detach from the negative effects. By attending anger management courses with Bernie, you will be delving deeper into these feelings of anger and where they originate.

By exploring your own inner child with Bernie, you will be exploring these emotions in depth and discovering your own triggers and why they occur. Doing so will allow you to have a deeper understanding of why they manifest the way they do.  If you live outside of Brisbane, or are simply short on time, anger management courses are available online with Bernie. You are able to undergo her anger management via Skype from wherever you are, while still experiencing face-to-face feelings that other participants would get in a local one-on-one session.

Anger Management Brisbane Based Courses

If you’re tired of undertaking anger management courses only to go backwards the next time your emotions are triggered, Bernie’s anger management courses in Brisbane are available to finally fix the problem once and for all. Bernie will help you discover what the actual reason for the anger is, what your triggers are, and what techniques you can implement in the moment to reduce the impact of these emotions and move forward from them in a healthy way.  Nothing works more permanently or powerful than clearing the core memory beliefs at the Soul and Cellular healing level.



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