Gratitude Guided Journal for Positive Healing


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Gratitude Guided Journal. Positive Healing for Women, Empaths and Mental Health wellbeing.
Using this Gratitude Journal is simple. Start by understanding and practicing self-care, self-love, self-compassion, and mindfulness. If you’re an empath, a highly sensitive person, or have been used and abused for what you give to others, self-compassion is especially important.

Lots of pages including personal goals, a self-care planner, and positive new habits.
Included the serenity prayer and ho’oponopono prayer to remind you that it’s okay if you make mistakes or feel overwhelmed and learning to forgive yourself.

The most important section of this journal is “Set Your Heart & Mind Free.”┬áHere you can release the pressure of needing to be overly responsible by surrendering to the divine, brain dumping, and engaging in the Letter Writing Burn and Release Ritual. This ritual has saved people’s lives and sanity countless times.

Free your heart and your mind will follow. Express your truth, how you feel, and what you want to say and do but cannot voice it because of fears of might happen. Empaths often take on far too much responsibility than they can handle, can never say no or speak up for themselves.
Usually remaining trapped in narcissistic relationships, this gratitude journal will give you the tools to set yourself free to live a fulfilling life.

It is a 40 day planner with prompts for deeper healing through the art of journal writing. Filled with motivational and inspirational quotes to uplift and inspire you as week colour in pages. It has helped many clients with Inner Child and Adolescent trauma to set themselves free of their self-critical mind.
It is 150 pages of amazing love and hope for the reader to rise to their fullest potential.

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