Merry Christmas from Inner Child Harmony Coaching

2021 has been a year following the last, with the ‘unbelievable’ events of 2020 that have shaped everyone’s lives and I am proud to say, we are here to tell the story and live beyond it all. 2022 is the gamechanger year with plenty of opportunities for growth and expansion.

To thank you for being part of our life and we look forward to serving you even more in the New 2022 Year, we have a few offers for you now. Simply use the coupon VIP at the checkout to receive 10% off our offers below.  

Narcissistic Relationships. Everyone has encountered at least one narcissistic relationship in their life while most people can float from one relationship to another without any control over themselves or their circumstances.  It starts off really well, you are thinking this is the best thing and then it turns into the biggest nightmare with you trying to get out.  Each time you leave, you have less confidence, trust, intuition and freedom.

Sometimes you are stuck and cannot remove yourself from the experience, I will also share some tips and strategies with you for this.  Most times the narcissistic experience begins in our childhood with our parents and siblings.  Some of you may have family or friends in a toxic relationship, this webinar will give you the understanding and some practices to share with them or send them this link. Thank you in advance.

When we are caught in the narcissist’s web of lies, control and deceit, whether it is once or several times, we take on an internal belief and fear which sets us up to later repeat the same with the next narcissist.  Most people pleasers and peacemakers are the target of narcissists, with awareness and action it is the key to your freedom.  My experience has been with my father, mother, bosses, friends, work colleagues, mother-in-law and now an ex-daughter-in-law, the key is not to bury your head in the sand or allow fear to take your power away.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
I have a new free webinar coming up on the 29th of December, 6.30 pm and would love for you to join me. In this webinar, some of the topics I cover will be.

  • What is a Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
  • The signs of an NPD relationship it can be an intimate partner, parent sibling, child, work colleague and/or other.
  • Challenges you may face and solutions for you to implement
  • The effects on your life and the patterns it creates.
  • How to claim back your power, freedom and life beyond this relationship and to then live the life you love.
  • Preventative measures to take with some daily practices to takeaway.
  • Participate in a mini clearing meditation and process.

We invite you to a FREE Zoom webinar, bookings are essential.

When: Dec 29, 2021 @ 6:30 PM Brisbane time
Topic: Claim back your Power from Narcissistic Relationships
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Christmas is ‘that time’ of the year for People Pleasers & Peacemakers to become depleted, exhausted and usually cranky and or resentful and complaining, more than any other time of the year.  It’s where WE (me as a recovering people pleaser) will be automatically, unconsciously willed to

  • Over – Give of ourselves, without a confident voice to ask for help or delegate
  • Over – Drink, be careful with this one as it is ‘Truth’ serum.  Where you will regret what you have said after drinking alcohol when in actual fact it was the truth and it needed to be said. Possibly not the way you said it and in front of others.
  • Over – Eat, usually emotionally inspired eating to not feel our feelings or speak our truth
  • Over – Commit ourselves, saying yes when we need to say NO
  • Over – Spend to make someone else’s Christmas a happy one, heaven forbid they get to feel bad? (If they feel bad, I feel double bad for them)
  • Over – Commit time, money, counselling without ROI (return on investment)
  • Over – Listening (too much), free counselling and advice, which they won’t use anyway
  • Over – Compensating for ‘others’ to feel better
  • Over – Working, while others relax and enjoy themselves.
  • Over – Critical, harsh and punishing of self, needing to flog yourself to do, be, serve more.
  • Over – Keeping the Peace. We teach others to rely on us to control situations, if it is not our responsibility, then it is not our responsibility, people need to learn what consequences are if they do something wrong.  We are only responsible for our part or share in any relationship, not as the referee for others. (Referring to peacekeeping is only for people under 18 years old)
So, it’s time to make a commitment and agreement to self, your heart & your body, before the Christmas festivities begin, your health depends on it.  This is also creating a new habit and pattern which will lead into 2022, which is the gamechanger year, so much change and growth available. A year to say ‘Yes’ to life and to your Soul purpose and true nature, to be of service with your purpose not a doormat, big difference!

What are you going to do?  Please write it down as a reminder for you, put a date on it and see if you can honour your word to yourself, then reward yourself for making it happen.

❤ Write the old behaviour and habit, you had that in the past years you had promised you would not do and then complained to others the regret of not following through. For example, ‘Saying yes to making a food dish you did not want to?’ “Saying yes to an invitation that your intuition was screaming, ‘No’’.

❤ Then write the advice you would give if it was a friend, who needed help to break the ‘people pleasing’ habit and take that advice yourself and do it.  You see, we give the best advice to everyone else, advice that we should be taking and following ourselves as it is our own best medicine, but we give it away for free to others because they need it more than me. (this plays to the tune of your old negative beliefs I don’t matter, I’m not worthy, I’m not enough)

❤ Some of the advice you would share is How could you change the outcome of feeling depleted, exhausted and or resentful? Because no one offered to help, no one appreciated, no one valued, no one acknowledged what I did.  This is the voice inside that speaks and reminds you what you are not able to verbally express.  Yes, I know this too well, this very critical voice that I have listened to for far too many years.  I am slowly reprogramming it and it is working great, so I am sharing my practices with you.

❤ Maybe you could ask for help or delegate.  Maybe you could limit yourself to how much you eat, drink, spend or commit?  It’s a starting point in forming a new habit, behaviour and eventually a new positive pattern that will serve you well in the coming year, 2022, which by the way is amazing.

❤ Even if you could change one thing or habit on that list, every positive step towards ‘pleasing less’ is increasing your love of self, which will allow others to give back to you and in turn fulfil the giving and receiving an act of the heart. Let me know how you go?

We will be reopening Wednesday 12th January
Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas & Happy New 2022 Year.
Bernie © ❤