This is a Client Testimonial for my Soul Journey Mentoring Program. 

Hi, my name is Dee, I have recently started the Soul Journey mentoring package with Bernie. I’ve currently had 5 sessions out of the 12.

I felt compelled to write this for anyone who is thinking about doing this.  My Advice is DO NOT HESITATE, JUST DO IT. You will never regret it. Ever….  What has unfolded for me so far. 

Here is my story and experience………..

I’m 54 years old. Worked in the aged care industry nursing and caring for the elderly and Mentally disabled and disabilities.

I was a chronic people-pleaser.  At the expense of my own health. Which I healed through lifestyle choices and emotional release. Now I have been on a ‘finding myself’ journey for over 6 years learning a lot of different modalities whilst healing myself.

I still was always pushing s#*t uphill. Nothing worked. Everything was so dam hard. I become so bogged down and overwhelmed, all whilst caring for my mum 24/7.

My experiences before my sessions;

  • My life and choices were never my own………… 
  • So empty and traumatized on the inside.
  • Never able to sense inside my body. Disassociated.
  • Hard trusting others as I have been manipulated by so many people in my life.
  • Heartbroken. Empty.
  • I more or less just checked out of my life……Never wanting to participate in life.
  • No Gratitude feeling…… unable to write in a gratitude journal… That’s to name a few…..

NOW MY EXPERIENCE after only 3 sessions;

  • The night after my 3rd session I wrote 2 whole pages in my journal. It flowed out of me.
  • I’m responsible for my own choices…. Started my health and well-being plan. No more pushing myself. 
  • I really want to love and give to my body. The richness I feel for myself is amazing. Waiting for 54yrs for that..:)
  • Oh, My Goodness the happiness and empowering feelings I have for myself now just blow me away. I LOVE IT!
  • Very excited for the next adventure…… I can’t wait. I see the truth for myself and no longer am holding back. Look out world here I come.
  • I am finally putting myself 1st and I feel no shame or guilt…

I have never experienced the depth of the healing I received in the Soul Journey. And It’s permanent…Woohoo!

Please if you feel anything like this and you have no strength or courage to go on. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do this one thing. Work with Bernie, it will totally change your life….. Its Definitely changed mine.

Sending you much Love Light and healing. Oxoxo

Dee                                                                                                                                                                                        Mackay Qld