Emotions suppressed within the body relate to the body challenges people face daily. When you can trace the health challenge back in time to an emotional memory still present in your body, that is when the real healing begins.
Anger and rage are not emotions, the are a reaction to something much deeper. Anger and rage are merely symptoms of an emotion. When you feel too vulnerable, timid, scared, fearful to express how you really feel, anger sets in. Passive-aggressive personalities will tolerate only to a set level and then similar to a volcano they explode.
Anger is a way of reclaiming power and setting boundaries in an unhealthy way. It is a response to feeling fed-up, helpless, scared or out of control.
Anger arises when a person feels they have been wronged. It can give people a false sense of power, making them think they can criticise, put down, hate and resent others. Another reason people become angry is when they do not get their own way or as above, they have had enough or not being heard or respected.
Anger drains energy and life force. Long term anger can leave a person feel fatigued, frail, unhappy and worn out. Most people feel they have the right to fight, blame, hurt, dominate, bully or treat others badly.
While the passive introvert personality swallows the anger, not able to express it in a healthy way, it stays in the body and does as much damage to their health as an angry extrovert personality. Anger is a vital emotion if used properly – it can allow an opportunity for change to occur like a break-through, move away from or transform. The opposite of anger is passion, excitement and enthusiasm, learn to master this side and use to your advantage.

I love connecting the Yin Yang energy analogy to any part of our life – emotions are no different. Learn to understand what the anger needs with Yin energy to Tame anger. Anger can also be “hiding” and disguising deeper inner truths of your life, old negative memories and experiences. The anger deflects attention away from uncovering and unravelling memories that caused us pain. The memories where we didn’t have a voice. This sheds light on our darker, shadow aspects of self, the parts hidden from view. Your dark, shadow side is not negative, it is the “meaning” we gave it at an age in childhood and have not forgotten. Our mind may have but our body never forgets. The dark, repressed side of us can be used to our advantage, if you are willing to uncover, make peace and re-parent those memories. Yin and Yang energy will be balanced and back in harmony again, our dark and light come together and show us that we are whole and complete.

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Unresolved anger in the body contributes to Hypertension, Inflammation, Psoriasis, Sinusitis, Tumours, Cancers, PMS, Pneumonia, Tinea, Ulcers, Arthritis, Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel, etc.
Learn to manage the anger within and use it to your advantage in life, living it fully. Tame the anger within.
“if you don’t look after your body, where will you live?”