Soul Freedom is a powerful paradigm shift that is uniquely supported by all of the global and cosmic shifts that are currently manifesting in our world, in March 2020.  These changes are here to clear the energy of past paradigms that no longer serve us as individuals or humanity as a whole.


The Freedom that Soul desires for each of us can no longer be subjugated to the old models that required self-sacrifice for future generations, the era that our parents and ancestors grew up in, the intention is to release and remove you from this paradigm and channel you into the new era of self-love and self-acceptance.

Imagine, a life with more choice, where you are empowered to fulfil your own happiness and satisfaction by taking the very steps you once feared?

Have you had enough of not being enough?

Have you had enough of not being visible?

Have you had enough of serving other people first?  Are you tired of giving of your time, money and precious resources when it feels like everyone else has an easy road because of your generosity?  Are you giving so much to others that it feels like there is nothing left for you and in fact others are living the life of freedom you wanted and are now feeling left behind?

Are you frustrated and feel this is unfair, unjust and can no longer be tolerated by you but you just don’t know what to do now?

There is no other time in history have we had the time, opportunity and resources to find the true meaning of a joyful life. Cosmically, the shifts opening up in the universe, are allowing access to portals of abundance for Soul Beings to become all they desire to be. The self-isolation and the fear gripping the world at present, is an opportunity to connect with self, to learn ‘Personal Mastery’, through a deeper connection with Soul.

You have known for a very long time, there are conflicting feelings and emotions of your life, some happy go lucky and some fearful dark thoughts, “a part of me wants to …… and then there is a part of me that doesn’t..” as you are defending what is truth or not.  So much mental, emotional and physical anxiety just to make a decision! It’s exhausting, day after day!

You are here on earth to experience all emotions, all levels of abundance, as a Soul in a human body. You are not here to hold onto the negative memories and limiting, blocking beliefs of the past, but to learn the lesson of it and become empowered to overcome the adversity in life.

Our Soul’s freedom has been our life-long yearning and desire for love, happiness, abundance and choice. All the things our mothers or fathers told us were selfish, unacceptable whilst conditioning into us a mould of self-sacrifice, shame, guilt and unworthiness. We no longer need to live in this old outdated paradigm, it has served its purpose and now is the time for a new generation of conscious creators and changemakers to rise.

I guide you to connect, within your body through Soul, you will then begin to understand, that when both parts of you (the happy & the dark parts) feel safe and are allowed to relax to speak their real truth of any matter and memory, you will experience, as my clients experience, spontaneous healing.  Freeing your life force to connect to Divine Source and your inner qualities of confidence, courage, openness and compassion.  This is known as the Higher Self, in Soul space within each of us.  In this magic space within, you can learn how to let go all lies and illusions to speak your truth and heal at the deepest cellular level.  Transforming shame, guilt, depression, addiction and stress from the past traumatic imprints back to their natural freedom state of joy within you now.

Collectively, the energy of all Souls who have or are awakening, is increasing daily.  Creating energetic shifts that empower, inspire and motivate you and your Soul to hear and follow the messages of guidance from Divine Source.

The pathway of Soul Freedom is to be and experience the truth of who you are and to create a passionate, purpose filled life.

It’s my unique privilege and ability to help people connect to, through Soul attunement, to their Soul’s calling, purpose, passion and ability to transform their own life, as well as the relationships around them. Like a ripple in the water, it starts with one change within, to filter outwards to change those around.

The buried golden key to your future can be found in the memories of your past. Your Inner Child holds this key, which unlocks the hidden access to your Soul Freedom and Abundance, waiting on the other side of fear.

Imagine for a moment, the dreams of your golden future, where you can be heard, be seen and live life on your terms.  Well that’s not a dream but your Soul’s encoded message within you, wanting to partner with you, to manifest in this lifetime (all the dreams and desires you want and have ever wanted)

It’s real, it’s not a fantasy or high hopes but your Soul yearning for freedom in your life, this lifetime!

It would be my privilege to connect with you for a Soul Freedom Discovery call where I will share with you all classes, workshops and sessions available.

You will come away from this call knowing exactly what the next steps are for you to be on the path to your freedom and a life you love.