Intuitive Oracle Card Readings


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These can benefit people in various ways. There are always areas in a person’s life that can be improved or worked on. No matter where an individual is during their life, there is still room to grow, change, seek comfort and become more successful, if success is your goal.

Some of the ways that an individual can experience the advantages of an Intuitive Oracle Card reading are as follows, helping:

  • You to find specific places in your life that require some nurturing.
  • An individual to focus on the areas that need some attention and improve on them.
  • Seek clarity from a new perspective.
  • Allowing the person to feel more aware and grounded and to make wise decisions from this space.
  • Find and accept peace, so they can move forward and let go of toxic, harmful situations or relationships.
  • Offer them fresh, valuable insight into guiding an individual towards a better decision in life, if either at a crossroads or other.
  • Gain new insight into their lives and find new inspiration that can help them to navigate towards a decision that will prosper them.
  • To move away from the negative energies and focus more on the positive aspects of life.
  • To embrace positivity in all aspects, committing to love and giving relationships the attention, they deserve and require.
  • Clients unpack the areas that need work and then work towards restoration and renewing each of the issues they face. Sometimes it is the starting point for a better life.
  • Answers from their own, personal, ‘Super Conscious’ for questions they have.

Available in 30 min sessions or 45-minute sessions.



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30 Min, 60 Min