From Fawn to Fearless Program

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Welcome Chronic People Pleasers and CPTSD, PTSD sufferers seeking change!


There are four types of trauma response to a threat or danger everyone learns from a very young age. These responses are instinctive, and all human beings learn to use them when being in a situation they perceive as dangerous. Healthy people may use them in a healthy way, but people with childhood trauma, are stuck in the situation of perceived fearful danger and using one of those flight, fight or freeze responses, becomes a way to survive life.  


The Trauma Response is controlled by the reptilian brain and amygdala. The traumatic situation is all they know, and the trauma response is all they do, the switch is permanently on, controlling your life, until now! CPTSD & PTSD are the continuing side effects.


The four types of trauma response are Fight, Flight, Freeze and the least known is the Fawn trauma response.  All four types have the goal to avoid the perceived threat of abandonment, hurt, neglect, rejection and abuse. 


Therapist, CPTSD survivor and author, Pete Walker. “Fawn types seek safety by merging with the wishes, needs and demands of others. They act as if they unconsciously believe that the price of admission to any relationship is the forfeiture of all their voice, needs, rights, preferences and boundaries.” “Which leads to ultimately resulting in the death of the individual self over time. When we compulsively mirror what others expect and want from us, we detach from our own sense of identity, our needs, and desires… even our own bodies”. 


Everyone experiences moments of fight, flight, & freeze responses in our lives, but for some of us, this is how we experience and live our daily life.  Fawn is the ‘F’ Trauma Response nobody knows or is talking about.  Where we, unconsciously and automatically, change our behaviour to comply, compromise our beliefs and censor our voice, constantly changing ourselves to fit in, the chameleon, without ever knowing that we are ‘trapped in the fawn trauma response complex’ and reacting daily in our life. 


Fawn TR is like being ‘Startled like a deer in the headlights, what the hell just happened?  Why did I sabotage myself like that?’ by not knowing how the adult body will react to such a ‘threat’? Fight, flight, freeze or fawn? (the past trauma still in the buried memories). It’s because your brain is wired to fear and close down from anything unsure, unsafe or perceived as dangerous – even though you are an adult, your brain thinks you are still that child!  #CPTSD #PTSD


Fawn Trauma Response can also be seen in excesses, over-giving, over-drinking, overworking, overspending, over pleasing, over self-harming (can be saying ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’), Overeating, overdoing and you cannot stop, the mind against the heart and what is good for the body and heart is not allowed.  I know this from my own personal experience of many years and now teaching and sharing my journey to Freedom.


This trauma response has been hardwired into our psyche after many years, completely controlling our senses, setting up a fortress within our mind and nervous system, and the survival program, conditioning, brainwashing, from childhood is still running our current life, until you choose to take loving control back again. It is an addictive pattern and needs to be treated that way for the brain to release, replacing one belief for the new belief.  


You will see the Fawn TR is under all addictions and destructive behaviours and IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!  So no more sabotaging and punishing yourself, body, relationships and life.


From Fawn to Fearless Program© is a powerful 8-week program that will uncover and dissolve the unconscious blocks and fears that keep you from living the life your Soul yearns for. A life where your dreams are realized, your relationships become rich and abundant, and you begin standing unapologetically and fearlessly in your power. An adventure for the brave souls who are ready to claim or reclaim their power, guided through Sacred Soul practices and processes into their Soul’s full potential into their future and beyond.


This is for you if:


  • Feel rejected by others, for simply being yourself.
  • Play way too small, living a life that is compromised, largely unexpressed and mostly unfulfilled, given up on your dreams and visions for what was possible?
  • Have a very difficult time making decisions and then second-guessing the decisions you make.  Fearful of using your Voice.
  • You feel compelled to playing it safe and have an aversion to taking risks and dealing with conflict.
  • Feel unheard, misunderstood, and invisible.
  • Your Inner critic tells you how you are ‘not enough’ while the outer critic tells you ‘who do you think you are, tone it down’. You are never enough!


This is for you if want to:


  • Create a courageous and fearless acceptance of who you are.
  • Build a deep trust and inner knowing that you are guided by soul and are in profound partnership with the universe to powerfully accomplish your own dreams and visions.
  • Cultivate a deep inner trust and partnership with soul, fearlessly making decisions, knowing that you can never veer off your soul’s path.
  • Create a deep inner resilience, to stand boldly in the spotlight, no matter what!
  • Fearlessly be heard with unshakable clarity, and the right to shine now is the time!

If this speaks to your heart, then you know Soul is calling you to step up, out of the trapped fortress of the Fawn and into Fearlessly living your dreams. Fawn to Fearless, 8 weeks program© starts soon.  Book a chat with me, via the website link here on this page!


I would warmly invite you to say YES to yourself, YES to your dreams, and YES to taking the first steps on this adventure.


Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless!


From Fawn to Fearless program© is designed to help you on your journey of positive transformation. You will focus on reconstructing your life in meaningful and healthy ways, empowering the pieces of yourself that feel stuck, broken, or negative so you can move forward with emotional ease and freedom. Learning the steps and daily routine to re-train your mind to work with you and not against you, is the foundation of keeping the super ego-mind on track. Over time you will be changing the inner critic to the inner cheerleader, the outer critic to the outer security guard, moving you along in life where you were once stagnant and stuck.


Included in this course:


  • Tools to unblock negative patterns that are keeping you stuck.
  • Expert advice on how to re-mother your inner child.
  • Insightful guidance on how to communicate with your inner critic and develop authentic and healthy belief patterns.
  • Guided visual inner Soul journeys to help you move through difficult karmic situations and relationships.
  • Practical action plans and support to help you apply this work to your daily life.


This is also for:


  • Anyone who recognizes negative or destructive behaviours in their life.
  • Those who are experiencing difficult relationship patterns with self or others.
  • People who need support while working on core issues such as shame, self-sabotage, depression, or emotional imbalances.
  • Anyone who is currently going through difficult transitions in their lives.
  • Men and women who have had difficult childhoods that are continuing to impact their daily interactions with the world.
  • People who want to heal past wounds to find emotional freedom and peace of mind.


Let’s take the first action step and get you started today.


From Fawn to Fearless, is a super brand-new program,© it is my Soul purpose and passion to assist and guide the uncovering and healing of the Fawn trauma response complex.  It is an adventure for the brave souls who are ready to claim or reclaim their power, guided through Sacred Soul practices and processes into their Soul’s full potential.      

So listen up empaths, chronic & recovering people-pleasers, those in one-sided relationships or no relationship, those juggling yo-yo dieting, those suffering from chronic pain, those with deepest regrets, feeling like it’s too late for them, with the grief of missing out on a fulfilling life, or their potential for living life, this is for you. 

Your questions and prayers will be answered! From Fawn to Fearless program©, is the master key to unlock all of your fight, flight, freeze instincts and where you will find the unconsciously hidden, Fawn part of you. 

The one who is too scared to move forward and too scared to stay stuck, wedged between the inner and outer critic, where the inner child has a foot on the brake and the adult part of you has a foot on the accelerator, spinning the wheels and going nowhere. 

Together in the safety, protection and love of this Sacred Soul Freedom Academy, you will learn your deepest truths, find your calling, your purpose, your truth and your Soul, to live beyond the realms of your Inner Critic who the proxy from childhood.  

It is a constant battle within your life, the old, wired brain and mind knows better and will self-sabotage, self-harm (can be simple as when we say Yes instead of No) self-deceive and self-punish. Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless! With love, courage and blessings, Bernie, Soul Freedom Alchemist My clients experience extraordinary results, here’s what they have to say:

“I have overcome the fear of not being enough, which I have had for too many years to remember. This has kept me from being the best, always second-guessing myself and ideas with a huge lack of confidence. I now feel empowered to handle all situations and challenges with ease and grace and with the tenacity and courage to get through. I have gone from being overworked and stressed in my business to now being booked out nine months in advance and hiring people to assist, our business is continually expanding.” Kyle

“I never knew that I had a fear of outshining and performing others, this kept me from years of reaching my full potential. Now that is has been cleared, my success and financial independence are increasing. I am excited about my future and living life on my terms. Deb”