Book, HEAL: How to Overcome Bullying, Burnout, Abuse and Neglect. One Piece At A Time


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Have you felt like the black sheep of the family, the odd one out, the rebel, Cinderella, the slave, the ugly duckling, maybe hoping you were adopted?
Are you an introvert? Continuously anxious, stressed, depressed? Hate the thought of family get together? Bullied by family, work, culture, or are you in a toxic relationship or had several?
If you have suffered bullying, emotional neglect, any form of abuse, lived in a loveless or divided family which has continued from childhood, this book is for you.
Maybe you’re a caregiver, or you work with at-risk populations as a counsellor, social worker, parole officer, legal, medical or mental health, animal care professional, or in any of the dozens of helping professions, nursing, police, legal, teaching? You could be in a domestic violence relationship, having trouble disciplining your children. This book is for you.
I share with you case studies and my personal story of how our unresolved childhood memories are creating our present-day life, positively or negatively, keeping you a slave to your career or relationship. Also, how the lingering effects from childhood can lead you to burnout and quickly into compassion fatigue, where self-care is the last need met.
You’ll learn about what I did to change the emotional ‘self-harm’ I had learned to survive life. I call it an emotional stroke and had to re-learn how to feel and express all my range of emotions with self-love, self-compassion and to feel safe doing so. I had been running away from my soul’s guidance instead of being led by my soul and feeling safe to trust it.
How forgiveness, starting within me and then expanding outwards to others, has changed my world. With self-love and self-compassion being re-kindled within my mind, body and being, positive changes and gifts flowed daily into my life.

I’ll share what happened after reconnecting and reparenting my own Inner Child. All sorts of miracles began happening. I had an amazing relationship with my mother-in-law as if our past was deleted. I received a redundancy from the corporate workplace where I was bullied and intimidated for so many years. Friends and family were more loving, positive and supportive and I had a voice-first time in too many years to mention.
You’ll learn about my journey of unbecoming and undoing many years of living negative core beliefs, from bullying, abuse and emotional neglect, not truly understanding its effects of low self-esteem and self-worth on my adult life. Soul Coaching helped me back to my soul path.
There are exercises, meditation, a miraculous prayer, case studies, my own trauma block release stories to inspire and motivate you to follow the same new soul path of your own.
You will understand how to unbecome the negative programming, be untangled from the web of lies you were caught in, to uncover and discover the real diamond that you are and always were, that inner child within.

People can hurt, harm and try to destroy you but no one can ever touch your Soul.
It’s my aim to help you understand it doesn’t have to be a life sentence of suffering from childhood hurts and traumas, guilt and shame, keeping us stuck in this cycle and not able to be released and set free. Most people take this to their deathbed with lifelong regrets.
What are you waiting for, let’s get started re-creating your life, the way you choose!
Let’s get started with helping you reach that freedom and inner peace within. To find your soulmate or fulfilling career. To climb the ladder of success, personally and financially, instead of remaining in the whirlpool you’re in now. To have satisfaction instead of compassion fatigue.
Looking forward to guiding the changes with you.