From Fawn to Fearless 8 Week Program & 2 Coaching Sessions

Do you have this Trauma Response lingering in the background of your mind, still controlling your current life? There is hope!

Get access to the Fawn to Fearless 8 Week Program Online Program and 2 supportive one-on-one sessions with Bernie to support your progress.

From Fawn to Fearless 8 Week Program & 2 Coaching Sessions


Fawn to Fearless 8 Week Program Online Program – Facts of the Fawn Trauma Response

I have lost too many years, money, time and trust looking for someone, something, to fix, change, and heal ME and my childhood traumas. That was until I found FAWN Trauma Response and began untangling the grip it had over all parts of my life and then installing the changes necessary to begin living my life in freedom, grace, joy, harmony and abundance.

You are able to set yourself free from this Trauma Response AND live a balanced and free life beyond its control! If I can do this, I can guide you also to do this. It’s never too late to live the life you were born to live!

That is how this 8-week program, ‘From Fawn to Fearless (FF2F)’, was born, and now I am teaching the tools and the practices to continue on in your life. I look forward to sharing with you the realisations, the changes and the dreams which came true for me so that you may ignite your own life force again, awaken that Soul, Spirit again and fulfil your Soul purpose with confidence, ease and abundance. Please read on.

How many of the following … relate to you and your life? Tick them as you go. If you have five or more, you are definitely a pre-programmed FAWN.

  • You are the peacekeeper and are either called upon or automatically step in to keep the peace in all camps. Calming, soothing, weaving, holding together, dodging the bullying, ensuring all are protected, safe and sound. Even though you do not like confrontation or speaking up, this never stops you when protecting others.
  • You are one who actively supports and creates success and the dreams a reality for others but ultimately forsake your own success, health, needs, desires and dreams.
  • You find yourself on the cursed merry-go-round, questioning when is it ever going to be my ‘What about me”
  • Many times, when you are finished with, have been used, or taken advantage of, you will be the one discarded, pushed out, moved on and no longer required, without the right of reply.
  • You usually cannot speak up for yourself, BUT you can easily advocate and defend for others, even if there is conflict involved, you find the courage and strength of a mother bear for their protection and rights.
  • You know what you need to do, and you have all the skills but by playing it safe and quiet all the time, it becomes your overall protection mechanism, because you have a great fear of being rejected, abandoned, criticised, judged, intimidated and the list goes on. This keeps you stuck in quicksand, the more you want to move and change, the deeper you sink, so you give up, not easily, and then forced to settle for less.
  • You are a chameleon, changing who you are to not stand out but to fit and blend in, limiting yourself and your life. Too afraid to do and be what your heart wants.
  • You usually become for others & or give to others what you never received as a child. Protection, love, family, support, abundance, friendship, stability, money.
  • You are the OVER person, over giver, over-responsible, over pleasing, everyone is your responsibility, it’s hard to look after yourself and your needs as there is always someone else more important, so you give up yours.
  • You learnt not to trust others and now you don’t trust yourself, self-doubt robs you of life. Your voice, value, visibility, and vision is all in the waiting wings, life is a struggle for your needs. Self-sabotage and self-punishment are the Fawn Trauma Responses boundary fence, fear does not allow you to go beyond.
  • It’s very hard for you to receive. You may feel guilty and ashamed if you do receive or, you are at the mercy of others with the mental monkey mind chatter, ‘What will people think or say if I…do or don’t do…which controls all outcomes in life, keeping you stuck.
  • It’s very hard for you to put make your needs a priority – similar to the above. You may feel guilty and ashamed if you are prioritizing self needs, you are at the mercy of others with the mental monkey mind chatter, ‘what will people think or say if I…do or don’t do…which controls all outcomes in life, keeping you stuck in the giving mode.
  • You have tried every avenue, modality, paid money and spent time to get some relief from this affliction in life, still to no avail. Nothing works or changes, But you see changes for others.

FAWN stands for, Fearful – Anxious – Wired –Nervousness never-ending

You are programmed to stay in the people-pleasing, serving role. Fawn TR believes you are still a child (Peter Pan & Wendy) and does not realize you are the adult wanting what is rightfully yours.

Fawn TR keeps defaulting us, automatically, back into the old ‘unresolved’ childhood trauma, so while we are trying to make adult decisions with a fearful childhood memory in charge, it is never going to change, we will never win, we will never be free. Until now!

From Fawn to Fearless, the Program unpacks the lies, illusions and hidden agendas the Fawn trauma response has created. By learning to master this old programming you will be ultimately stepping into your freedom and the life you desire.

You will set free your rebels’ heart to stand authentically, unapologetically and fearlessly into your power and in turn be open to receive the abundance and prosperity Soul and Divine Source has waiting for you. This is where life begins on your terms.

Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless!

Throughout the program, and beyond, you will learn to feel SAFE AND FREE in this sacred circle. You will practice reprogramming your mindset in a safe, supportive environment. To connect with your Soul, become your own Soul Caretaker and Observer of life.
When you know the rules of the Fawn TR, you can then change and replace them with your adult choices, while at the same time, replacing and resolving the past trauma, so that it does not repeat in the future. Yes, you learn these tools as we unpack how this has affected your life every week.

What has this cost you in your life? It’s time, to be honest and courageous in claiming the life you had only dreamt of. If I can do it, so can you! Staying in relationships longer than healthy? Caught in narcissistic relationships? Work, purpose, love, self-relationship problems and patterns repeating over your life? Can’t stop the negative cycles?

Fawn Trauma Response (TR) forfeits on your behalf and makes you sacrifice without conscious consent. You will see in your past how this has happened and then how to change that perception to work for you in the future.

  • We all know the normal fight, flight and freeze responses, but FAWN is the four-letter Trauma Response no-one is talking about. It addresses the frustrating life questions of:
  • why you can’t use your voice,
  • why you can’t be seen, and
  • why you can’t stop sacrificing your life for others, no matter the cost to yourself?
  • Fawn Trauma Response is an addictive pre-programmed pattern and identity. You are reliving the childhood trauma with adult personalities involved. The amygdala and reptilian part of the brain has been hijacked and will not set you free.
  • Its main role is to keep you safe, at any cost, it is hard-wired into the nervous system, so anything that feels unsafe, unsure of or perceived as dangerous is outside of limits for you. Anxiety has become a way of life.

In this program you will discover your deepest truths that will allow you to step forward to a life where your dreams are realised, and your relationships, both business and personal become rich and abundant.

You will need 2 x A4 books:

  • Journal – recording your changes, challenges, and goal setting.
  • Gratitude – recording the changes & growth.

You will receive:

  • 2 x one-on-one sessions with Bernie
  • Weekly email reminders and prompts
  • Weekly training via video recording
  • 8-week workbook
  • Support and encouragement in the private Facebook group.

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