Past life regression, what is it and what is the purpose for it?

Before getting started, here are a few questions to consider:

  • Do you ever have a memory or a feeling that can’t be explained by anything you have done this lifetime?
  • Do you have a phobia with no logical reason for it?
  • How is it that we feel we just know someone or somewhere when we have never met them or been to that place before?
  • Do you keep attracting the “wrong” people into your life?

These questions can be answered with the help of a past life regression coach.  

Is it possible we have brought experiences and emotions with us from a past life?

Scientists have explored the process of conservation of mass since the 18th century, but are now exploring the conservation of energy. Does energy ever really disappear?  If not where do “we” go when we die? We go to the next life, our journey continues and we carry memories and experiences with us on this journey.

But what about the bad experiences we have in past lives, how do we move past these?  Yes, we may have good ones as well, however the negative ones are often the hardest to deal with. By finding out about past life traumas and releasing them through past life meditation you can start to gain clarity about issues and challenges you haven’t been able to release up until now.

What is Past Life Meditation?

As your coach Bernie will, through guided meditation and relaxation, lead you to experience past lives and the traumas experienced. Working with a trained past life regression coach, as Bernie is, you will experience these past lives in a safe and controlled environment. You will have the opportunity through simple awareness and forgiveness techniques, to start to heal from these traumas and thus releasing the impact it is having on your current existence.

These experiences can be truly profound and should only be done with a qualified coach. This specific type of coaching engages the mind, emotions and the soul and once the traumas are released can create a sense of realignment, clarity and well-being.

Repetitive patterns

You may find you have ongoing issues with certain people that you just can’t resolve or you may find you continue to attract the same type of less than desirable person in your life and can’t seem to find a way to stop this happening. Past life regression will allow you to see the patterns and connection to these people and help free you from it. In clinical terms we often find ourselves with a “compulsion to repeat” which stems from unfinished business or experiences.

So if you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over, Bernie’s coaching can assist. During the session you will have the opportunity to forgive yourself for previous actions which are still impacting you now. It allows you to see the previous experiences and relationships and learn from them instead of just being at the mercy of them. You will have a sense of completion and this will start to manifest in your current life and allow you to create more of the life you are wanting.

Past Life Regression can work in reverse

The process can also work in reverse. If your current life is traumatic, it often helps to reconnect to a positive past life. Sometimes shifting focus from current traumas to better times can help the healing process begin.

Following the principle of conservation of energy, we are so much more than our current lives and have so much wisdom to access from the accumulated knowledge we have gained in previous lives.

Discover life’s purpose

It is such a common lament: “I don’t know why I’m here” and “What is the purpose of life?” Past life regression helps by allowing you to gain greater understanding and discovering the things blocking you from stepping into your life’s purpose. Consequently, the meaning of your life will become clearer and often brings a sense of peace and fulfilment.

What if I revisit a death experience or if it is too much for me to handle?

Your subconscious will guide you through this process and you will only remember and experience traumatic past life experiences if you are ready to heal them. Some people even experience previous death experiences and have the opportunity to release the fear and experience the intense peace that comes from this moment.

I’m sceptical.  What if I don’t believe in past lives?

You actually don’t need to believe in past lives or reincarnation to benefit from these coaching sessions. The techniques used by Bernie get results even without clear memories of past lives.

What are some of the other benefits of Past life regression?

You may find you reveal hidden talents that you didn’t know you had.  Some may experience a strong sense of purpose and clarity. It is possible you may also find phobias lessen or disappear altogether. Your communication may improve and you find yourself attracting the “right” people into your world.

There is also remarkable evidence of chronic illness being relieved, and in some cases cured, through this type of coaching.

What can I expect from a session?

Bernie will guide you through your past life regression process with care and expertise. The session will take 1.5 to 2 hours and will explore whatever your subconscious is ready to release. It is unusual for a person to get all the answers in one session, so you may need a series of sessions to really allow the healing take place.