Inner Peace – What happens when you find it?

As humans, our lifestyles are often busy, stressful and we are often always on the go. Therefore, it’s natural that we tend to seek out peace within ourselves. There are ways and techniques to find this peace, but what happens when we actually achieve it? What are the benefits from gaining inner peace that makes it so important for us to find?

Surrounded by a world of intense emotional situations, it’s hard not to internalise it all. With the evening news depicting one tragedy after another, it feels like all we see are people around us hurting. It’s easy to forget that it’s on us to manage our own feelings and understand our emotions.

What is inner peace and why would we want it?

Gaining inner peace can be as simple as letting go of negative feelings. It might also be something symbolic for the individual, such as releasing the guilt, shame or anger surrounding negative experiences or events. It can also be gained by something as simple as accepting what you cannot control. There are a number of ways people may achieve inner peace, but what happens when you find it? Why is it something to truly strive for?

Why is inner peace important?

When we are not at peace with ourselves it can have serious effects on our lives. We might be uncomfortable in our bodies, have physical symptoms such as headaches or unusual pain, or might have trouble being happy in our day-to-day lives. However, it’s often not just the one person who is affected. If we are holding resentment about something, such as our job for example, our coworkers may suffer.

We may take this negative energy into work and subconsciously take it out on them or make their jobs harder to complete. The negative energy does not stay at work either. We will often bring it home with us and again, release this energy onto our families. This can be said for any negative energy we carry around, from relationships, health and past experiences. The people that are affected can be anyone from our children to the postman, and all of them don’t deserve it. Before we know it, we can become trapped in a negative cycle.

Therefore, finding inner peace is important for both our own wellbeing and for others. By unburdening ourselves from these negative feelings, we are also unburdening them from the people around us.

What does inner peace feel like?

Peace of mind within may may feel different for every individual. We are very individual and unique, and so are our emotions and beliefs. Some people define inner peace as a sense of relaxation and general happiness. Others explain it as a feeling of surging energy pulsing through the body. The way you experience inner peace is dependent on who you are as a person and what your experiences are. One common thread between people who have achieved inner peace and those who have not is a sense of freedom. Those who have discovered inner peace also have a stronger relationship with themselves and the world around them.

Finding inner peace is not forgetting or ignoring your current thoughts, feelings or emotions. It’s more about retraining the brain to view the relationships between these emotions differently. Once we find this inner peace, we are free and open to all of the positive experiences that come our way.

While finding inner peace, you will likely let go of any resentment you might hold around people or experiences, and gain a better relationship with yourself. In turn, you are unburdening these negative emotions from the people around you. If you’re deciding whether to take the next steps towards inner peace, look at the benefits that will come to you and your loved ones. It may help make the decision for you! Contact Bernie for further advice.