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Finding Inner Peace by Healing Your Inner Child

In this fully online course you will discover what you need to know to begin healing your hurting Inner Child.

Hi, I’m Bernie Giggins,

I’m from Inner Child Harmony Coaching and thank you so very much for opting in to see this beautiful video!

Helping people with unresolved emotional memories from the past

I’ve been working in my field for the last 12 years, helping clients in healing their inner child wounds.  The wounds are something that’s been open, something that hasn’t been resolved.

So it’s unresolved, unexpressed, emotional memories from the past. It can be from any time - it could be last month, could be when you were a one year old, and that’s all it is. That part is the one that is still controlling your current life, it’s allowing you to re-experience the memories over and over. What it is, is that you’ve taken on some sort of belief; some sort of meaning about your life and that part has not ever been released.

Are you still connected to the past?

So, if you can think about an old telephone exchange, or something that you’ve plugged yourself into.  And that hasn’t been disconnected, unplugged, cleaned or cleared, and so that is the one that is still running the show. Your future self is plugging yourself into all of these beautiful things that you really want, but you cannot ever move up there if you’re still connected into, or plugged into, the past. So this is what it is all about.  It’s all about the inner child.

Clearing the core beliefs about yourself that you carry

Clearing your own core beliefs:

what did you take on?

what beliefs did you place around yourself?

what meaning did you put around your own life?

And what happens is, the people on the outside are actually making you experience that over and over.

The usual one, the usual message is:

“I’m not enough”

So, people will hurt you, harm you - whatever it is - just to make you feel that you aren’t enough. And you’ll see the recording over and over, you’ll repeat it, over and over.

“See, I’m still not good enough”

“See, I’m still not good enough”

And now it’s time to stop that.

And now it’s time to stop that

When you acknowledge it, when you know where you are in life, when you are present in your life, you can bring a stop to the worthless feelings.

Instead of continuing running… instead of keeping forging ahead… if you can come present… if you can ask:

where am I in my life at this moment?

what isn’t working for me?

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You get to keep all the happy memories!

We are not talking about changing the happy memories!  We’re not talking about the positive things in life.  That flows when you’re in alignment with life itself.  When you’re in alignment with life, with your soul, with your spirit, it flows.

Green lights, opportunities, love, laughter, living, and those types of things - we never ever touch those!

We’re only touching the ones that are :

catching you,

keeping you closed,

keeping you in a self-prison.

A lot of times, our talk within ourselves is a big indicator of something that is repeating from the past.

A lot of times, our talk within ourselves is a big indicator of something that is repeating from the past.

If you can imagine you’ve got a helmet on and on the helmet, you’ve got little glasses, which are what you’re seeing through.  You’re hearing the same old message and you’re seeing it through those eyes of the age that you were.

Can you clear those repetitious, unhelpful self messages?

All we are doing today is just speaking to you about if you can clear those messages.  If you could release them yourself.

You see, nobody else can do this for you.

I can hold your hand, but I can never ever take you to the depths of where these messages are in your body.

Your body will never lie

Now, your soul loves the truth, and your body will never lie.

So, your body is the one that is holding all of these patterns, all these behaviours and different memories.

And it is as if they’ve been fragmented.  I always describe it as though any traumatic memory is like it gets frozen in time.

Think about frozen pieces of ice and then they shatter, and then those frozen pieces, fragments go into different parts of the body and hold it there.  Your body will get your attention.

Do you have stress?  Anxiety?  Depression?

If you’ve got stress, anxiety or depression, they are the first things that are saying


Listen to me!

It’s your body saying:

“You’re not listening to me”

“I need you to help me

But our mind, our ego, is still running this old memory, this old belief that it’s not about you, it’s about them.

Your mind might be saying about others:

I need to help them,

I need to fix them,

I need to change them,

I need to save them,

But your own body is crying out for help…

And in actual fact, your body is going:

please, listen to me…

I really need your help,

please, listen to me.

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This is where I help you

What we do, is we connect you back to yourself.

Have you ever seen this happen?

Another really tough one is that your body will take out a sense for you. A sense as in, you won’t be able to feel, you won’t be able to trust.  Sometimes your hearing goes, sometimes your sight goes, but one of your senses will be nullified, so to speak.

Clearing these unhelpful core beliefs

When you clear unhelpful beliefs, watch how your beautiful body goes:

“Thank you very much, I’m going to give it back to you!”

Your body is a beautiful vessel; it has been made that way, that you can heal your own self; if you are prepared to listen to your own self, if you are prepared to go into the depths of your subconscious mind, where all of this is held.

Where these memories are held

A really good analogy is a rider, riding an elephant. The rider is the conscious part of you, the elephant is actually the subconscious; the stuff you don’t even know, you can’t remember. The elephant, the subconscious – but that is the thing that is actually coming up and controlling without you realizing it.

Does it feel like you’re cursed?

Sometimes you might even feel like you’re in a curse, a spell, or some sort of type of thing like that. When I help you connect you back to yourself, when we connect you back to your inner child, to the wound, to the time the memory happened, to the exact moment in time - you know it.

But your mind, your conscious mind, will never let you go back there.

It can say it, it can say different things but it will never let you go back.

Because I know, when I’m looking at and watching people, it’s like there is a war inside. You could almost say you’re a split personality, because one part wants to release it and the other part is going “no, we are not”, so there is just an internal struggle.

The benefits of clearing these old beliefs

Absolute peace…

Of the clients that I have worked with over these many years is, one of the benefits is absolute peace.

You know, a lot of them describe that they “feel peaceful, in the middle of a warzone”.

The warzone was their life, and they were the ones who were in a web and couldn’t get out.

They were stuck in this type of cycle and then all of a sudden, they are in peace;

Nobody could touch them…

They just became themselves…

The abundance…

Another one is, you know, that they’ve felt the heartbeat of their child for the first time.

To hear “I love you”…

They’ve actually heard the word ‘I love you’, for the first time, and really felt it.

Seeing different things for the first time, they’ve been driving the same direction all this time; they’ve never seen what they saw after finishing any of the personal sessions that we ever had.

So what is happening?

What happens is, your inner child, like I said, is frozen in time and is fragmented into different parts of the body, that stays there and it has this belief.

This core belief is the thing that keep making you repeat the same situation.

So, are you attracting the same relationships?

Is it the same financial hardship?

Are you in struggle? Lack? or pain?

All of those sorts of things…

You have to be very honest and true to your own self.

It’s nothing to do with anybody else. It’s to do with you and your heart and your soul.

When the magic happens

When you can actually go back and can really connect to that part, your inner child, that’s when magic happens.

Your soul has never, ever given up on you; it is wanting you to be the best that you can possibly be.

When you can really connect to that inner child part, then that actually can open your beautiful life to…

Magic, magic is all I can really say, it’s just absolutely beautiful.

So a lot of times our little child, whatever we never got, whatever we never received as a little child, when we grow up, without you realizing it, it has made a vow, a promise, that you will give to your children everything that you never got.

Help to heal yourself in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace


Do you give more than you ever got?

You’ll make sure that your friends and other people around never ever feel the way you did. Whether consciously, or unconsciously, it just does this, automatically, without you knowing it.

Then all of a sudden you’re hooked into it, and you just think “oh my god, here I go again.”

Giving, giving, giving…

What we need to do…

What we need to do is connect you back to that little self and say

“You don’t need to do this anymore. It is over, I’m here for you.”

And you are going to re-parent yourself.

You are going to pick your beautiful little child up and you’re going to tell her or him how much you are so very sorry that this has happened, and it’s a real reconnection.

Instead of in alignment, it’s like a zipper. In alignment you are spiritually aware, you’re in wherever you need to be.

When you’re not in alignment, you will be saying one thing and doing something completely different.

Your adult self will be saying something, and your inner child will be completely opposite.

You’ll be attracting the same kind of person,

the same bully,

the same person who’s going to rip you off,

the one who’s going to shame you,

or harm you.

Amazing things happen…

When you can come back in together, when you listen to your own self and release that self-made prison..

Again, I constantly say it, but magic happens, amazing things happen

And that is what is there for you!

Don’t be the one to miss out

What happens is your little inner child “leapfrogs” over you.

So your inner child has got this vow, that everyone else has to have whatever you never got.

You have to protect them, you have to save them, you have to change them.

But what happens is that it has “leaped over” your current self, and “it doesn’t matter about you”.

“I don’t care about myself, I need to care so much about everyone else”

To heal you…

So what we are doing is bringing this part together and allowing you to honor your own self, allowing you to be a better role model to everyone else, allowing you to give the love to yourself.

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Imagine changing the future

Imagine that, if you could do that and change the course that your children have.

Because what happens is, you have carried on with what I call the waterfall effect.

You’ve carried on what your parents did - ‘this is what we did’ - and you just do it.

Now you get the chance to change, you connect with your soul, you connect with your inner child and then you start saying:

“This is how I’m going to live!”

Then your children go ‘oh ok’ so they change.  And then you’re changing the course and the history of your children, your grandchildren and it’s just absolutely beautiful.

Are you ready to start healing?

So, if you would really like to hear some more, this is a beautiful, just a little, simple course we’ve put together.  Just to give you a taste, to get you started on your healing path.  Again a ‘sensation’, and your body will take it and say ‘I need some more, I need some more’ and that’s when you continue on.

Come on a Soul Journey

If you would like to join me on this beautiful little soul journey, so to speak, join me..

Come on a soul journey to find your inner child…

… where is he or she hiding?

…where in the body is she hiding?

…where is the memory?

Allow the memory to be healed..

Allow that part to be filled with light, love and peace and joy

And allow the abundance to be attracted so that you can actually be the person that you were born to be.

So, click on the link below and I would love you to connect with me and be on this part of the journey with me as well. Looking forward to meeting you, and thank you so very much!

Bye for now.

Bernie x

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