I’m doing pretty good after our session, I’ve a lot to do before vacation and I feel like my energy is up, more than before, so I’m pretty organized.

I found the picture of my younger self, that flashed in my mind in our session, the one in my tight little dress at 4 years old.. I think I look adorable I have it sitting in my room, so I can tell her loving things!

I’ve realized I have an unhealthy relationship with food, labeling some bad and then feeling guilty about eating it if I’m trying to slim down. I can look at my naked self in the mirror and be happy, never have done that in a very long time.

I have a bit of anxiety this morning and no able to talk to my ego self about not telling me scary stories…..

I guess also I have pulled away from my husband over the past months, realising the control he had over me and ‘he’s told me he’s not feeling the love. … I used to get into fear and start pouring on the attention to him, but I’m just letting it be…. I have a lot of things being released and changing, it gets confusing at times but allowing it all with peace.

Thank you for our sessions so far, I know it a little further to go,  looking forward to more freedom than before.